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Anthony Bourdain - Rest In Peace & Falafel


I was so depressed I almost didn't write this post. I don't want to become a trite tribute writing typist for people whom I admired, but didn't KNOW. Watched on T.V but didn't KNOW. Thought I knew, but again, didn't KNOW! But hey, this is how I process the world, so here goes.


I loved everything that I thought knew about Anthony Bourdain. His drug addicted past, his ability to parlay his job as a dish washer to a world famous chef, author, T.V host, WORLD TRAVELER?? That was dope to me. I think what I really loved about him was the feeling you got that he was the very archetype of an outsider or rebel if you will. Sleeve of Tattoos, unapologetically unapologetic,  less than politically correct, ruggedly handsome, fearless, yet human, with a kindness in those eyes that could only come from someone who'd REALLY lived.


I loved that he really LOVED food. I loved that he loved PEOPLE. I love that he loved adventure. I loved that he never seemed like he was trying too hard. I loved that he was just effortlessly COOL. loved that success came to him relatively late in life, in his forties and I loved that he seemed unchanged by it all. We were all in on this his inside joke it seemed ' of 'how did I get here?' And his shrug, 'ah well, 'might as well enjoy the ride.'

I enjoyed the ride, Sir- I only wish it had been longer. 'People may not remember what you said but they will always remember how you made them feel.' He made us feel like we KNEW him. Now to make someone feel like a friend through a T.V screen is a remarkable quality. Anthony Bourdain had that. Rest In Peace and Falafel. 🙏🏾 #anthonybourdain #anthonybourdaintribute