About CC Adetula

Photo courtesy of  Photos By Ade LLC.

CC Adetula is an attorney, writer, author, and indie publisher with a heart for women writers and ‘Afropolitan’ story-tellers in general. Her passion for highlighting voices and stories that rarely see the light of day, as well as her desire to work through the many barriers and limitations to publishing, has inspired her work and career choices thus far. 


She founded her publishing company, StorySheWrote Media in 2014, the same year in which she published her debut collection of short stories, ‘The Perfect Girl, the Prostitute & Other Stories,’ under the same imprint.   Since then, she has published ‘Strange Women & Other Strangleholds,’ a powerful Christian Memoir, by Nena Ndioma, and will be releasing her first full length novel, titled ‘Falling Into Happy,’ in February 2017.


She also serves as a consultant, mentor and resource for writers, and authors seeking to learn more about the craft and the publishing world, through her Youtube channel and the StorySheWrote Facebook page.


CC Adetula has also written for Hints ( at the age of 17) and Topic magazine (Food issue, 2003).